Nepal has lagged behind other South Asian countries in the field of medial health. But government and private sector’s efforts have enabled the country to move up the human development index. BLC’s Norvic International Hospital is known for its state-of-the-art facilities and top-notch medical experts in different fields of medical science. It has reduced the need for several Nepali patients to seek medical help abroad. Norvic aims to increase its bed capacity from the current 200 to 250. BLC’s modern and well-equipped Midas Day Spa is successfully promoting holistic well being in a soothing retro ambience.

Norvic International Hospital

Established in 1994, Norvic International Hospital (NIH) has come to be recognized as Nepal’s leading international class multi-specialty hospital. Located in the heart of Kathmandu, Norvic is known as the country’s best critical care hospital.

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Midas Day Spa

Midas Day Spa-Salon is located in the heart of Kathmandu at Durbar Marg and is widely known for the invigorating, relaxing, refreshing, revitalizing and soothing experiences it offers.

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