While Nepal’s economy is growing annually by 3-4 per cent, the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry has been registering a 20-per cent growth. BLC has leveraged its strong agribusiness to carve out a commanding place in the FMCG sector also through value addition. BLC’s three companies cater to the direct nutritional needs of a large section of the society, especially youngsters. Our brands command customer respect and dominant market share in their respective segments.

Instant Meal Pvt. Ltd. (IMPL)

Instant Meal is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality processed food. Operating for over a decade and a half, IMPL has become the industry leader in manufacturing international standard nutritional mixes, fortified blended foods and supplementary food in the region.

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Shree Pashupati Biscuit Industries Pvt. Ltd.

The products of Pashupati Biscuit Industries are among the most trusted and admired in Nepal. Its varied range of products has continued to rule the hearts and palates of Nepalese people of all ages and figures among the brand leaders in the segment.

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Pashupati Diet & Foods

An ally of PBI, Pashupati Diet & Foods manufactures an array of super energy biscuits and cookies and is located in Duhabi Sunsari.

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