Flexible Packaging Pvt. Ltd.

Flexible Packaging (FPL) commands a formidable presence in Nepal’s flexible packaging market. Among the pioneers in this specialized domain, FPL was set up over three decades ago at Duhabi Sunsari in the eastern region of Nepal. The company has been successfully catering to the needs of BLC companies and other domestic clients.

FPL’s product range includes polyester film, BOPP film, coated papers, stiffener paper, adhesive for lamination, ethyl acetate, toluene, etc.

Recently, FPL has upgraded its printing capability in a modern and spacious structure with the introduction of a 1,000-mm width 8-color Roto Gravuer high-speed advanced technology printing machine. The addition of high speed bi-layer lamination machine and ultra modern heavy duty slitting machine with slitting capacity of 400 meters/minute has raised FPL’s current annual production capacity to 1,500 metric tons of diverse laminated packaging materials for processed food products.

Backed by an exemplary track record and domain knowledge, FPL has educated and trained a large number of domestic clients for improvement in their product quality. The company is credited with several design modifications.