Chairman’s Message

My grandfather late Bhuramal Lunkarandas had set up an eponymous trading company (Bhuramal Lunkarandas) to deal largely in Indian textiles over 140 years ago. He was later joined by my father, Shri Lunkarandas Chaudhary.

BLC (Bhuramal Lunkarandas Conglomerate) owes its eminence in Nepal’s business world today to the foresight and hard work of these two great entrepreneurs. The trading enterprise has blossomed into a diversified group of over a dozen companies straddling the manufacturing and services domains.
BLC companies are currently operating in sectors like agro-business, nutrition, healthcare, specialty manufacturing, education and community development with distinction.

Always wedded to the cause of social development and welfare, BLC is known for keeping away from businesses detrimental to society. For this, it has chosen to forego quick and short-term gains. Our distinctive and thoughtful ventures, backed by modern management and technology, are synonymous with community development. This is BLC’s humble tribute to its founding fathers.

Driven by its 140-year-old legacy of value-driven and socially conscious business, BLC is banking upon innovation, passion and fortitude to strengthen its existing enterprises and foray into new domains. BLC envisions a brighter future for all its stake holders.

We have immense trust in our human resource at all levels. BLC employees have reposed faith in our business ethos and have stood by the group through thick and thin. Their active engagement with our ideology and working has contributed immensely to BLC’s growth. Together, we can and will scale new heights and attain mutual progress. Being a business enterprise, BLC does believe in profit, but in its optimization, not its maximization.

Now, the new generation is ready to take over the responsibility of carrying on BLC’s glorious legacy. The coming years should witness infusion of higher professionalism and latest technology in management of the group’s diverse businesses. Expansion would be the way forward.