CGNS Seeds Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture between BLC (Bhuramal Lunkarandas Conglomerate), Nepal, and North-South Seed Ltd. (NSSL), Bangladesh.Located at Kusaha, Sunsari, the company’s wide-ranging activities comprise production, processing and distribution of agricultural products like field crop seeds, fodder seeds, vegetable seeds (both open pollinated and hybrid) and cereal seeds.CGNS will start production of rice and maize seeds in the near future. The company is one of the pioneer hybrid seed producers in Nepal. It sells seeds within the country through regional and district level market outlets. It is also into exports.The company’s daily production and processing capacity is 5,000 kg cereal seeds and 400 kg hybrid seeds. The company aims to capture over 90 per cent of the open pollinated domestic seed market.CGNS is the only seeds company in Nepal with fully computerized and mechanized seed processing plant. It has automatic cleaning, drying, grading and packaging facilities. The factory of the company has dehumidifier cold storage facility for seed storage.