About BL Conglomerate

BLC (Bhuramal Lunkarandas Conglomerate) represents a legacy of socially-conscious business which has carved out a special position for it in Nepal.

The 140-year-old business house has always sought to marry tradition with modern systems to promote its endeavors. Starting with trading largely in Indian textiles, BLC has covered several milestones over decades to emerge as a diversified commercial conglomerate both in manufacturing and services.

Currently, over a dozen BLC companies are operating successfully in sectors like agro-business, nutrition, healthcare, specialty manufacturing, education and community development.

Always committed to social good, BLC companies are making life easier and enjoyable for different sections of society in Nepal through their products and services. BLC has been adding to its offerings to meet requirements and demands of customers.

However, BLC has, as a matter of principle and its unique business ethics, strictly avoided businesses which may be harmful to people at large. This has often meant loss of easy and quick money. But so be it.

BLC is in the business of enriching life in true sense of the term. It believes in profit optimization, not its maximization.

No wonder then that BLC’s proven commitment to corporate social responsibility is natural and obvious. While the group companies contribute to social good through their large offerings, BLC’s sister organization Basant Chaudhary Foundation works as a reputed NGO in the realm of women empowerment, health, education, literature, art, culture, heritage and sports.

Board of Directors


Basant Kumar Chaudhary

Megha Chaudhary

Manish Khemka