06 May, 2016

Norvic conducts laser-enabled prostrate surgery

KATHMANDU, March 23, 2016 


Mr. Sharad Kumar Shrestha, 69/M (the proprietor of Kumar Garrage, Birtamode) from Anarmani-7, Birtamode, Jhapa had been suffering from burning sensation while urinating for a long time. Mr. Shrestha’s family took him to many private hospitals including the (so called famous one) one at Siliguri, India. He visited the Siliguri based hospital again in July, 2015. Mr. Shrestha, a known patient of hypertension (high blood pressure/HTN), Diabetes Mellitus (DM/sugar) and Coronary Artery Disease (Chronic Atrial fibrillation with controlled ventricular rate) for almost 2.5 to 3 years. The investigation done at Siliguri during his 1st visit did not showed any abnormalities except ailments such as cardiac, DM & hypertension. Since he was restless due to burning sensation, he visited Siliguri once again during January, 2016. His entire investigation showed nothing serious on his urinary system, his pelvic video X-Ray only suspected for prostate stone / or cyst. He was then advised to visit advanced medical centre either in India or in Kathmandu, Nepal. Apart from burning micturation, he started losing body weight and started developing fever. Mr. Shrestha then decided to visit Norvic, Kathmandu. It was on the day of Shivaratri, (7th March, 2016) he landed in Kathmandu for his treatment.

He was consulted by Norvic’s Consultant Urologist, Dr. Bharat Bahadur Bhandari and Dr. Bhandari advised to repeat the entire diagnostic measures including Pelvic USG (Video X-ray of abdomen), ECG, ECHO, blood tests and MRI. The investigation revealed that he had unusual prostate (benign enlargement of prostate, grade – IV) of 400 grams.

Since Mr. Shrestha was the chronic patient of DM, HTN and Cardiac abnormality, it was pivotal to bring him into stable / normal state before surgical procedure. Realizing his condition, the team of doctors led by Dr. Bhandari decided to treat the patient with Holmium Laser technology. Holmium laser is ideal for such unusual cases as also recommended by both European Urology Association (UUA) and American Urology Association (AUA) since 2015 AD.

Dr. Bhandari, who was trained in AIIMS, India on Laser technology, has successfully carried out over 840 such cases since 2010. The advantages of laser surgery over the conventional surgeries are enormous. The Laser surgery is less painful, safer, surer, much faster, easier, rate of recovery is very high, no need of blood transfusion as in the open surgeries. The patient treated using laser surgery can even be discharged in 2-3 days of surgery.
As Mr. Shrestha’s case was abnormal one, Dr. Bhandari was supported by Sr. Consultant Physician and Cardiologist, Dr. J.P. Jaiswal and Consultant Anaesthesiologist, Dr. Nagendra K.C. The surgery was carried out on Saturday, March 19, 2016 and it took 2.5 hrs. to successfully complete the procedure.

After the completion of surgery, Dr. Bhandari expressed his happiness for successfully carrying out such an unusual case, probably 1st time in the country itself by using the most advanced holmium technology.

When asked about his experience, Mr. Sharad Kumar Shrestha opined that he feels as if he is staying in-law’s place, no pain at all, symptoms subsided, feels much better and wants to start new life. Due to multiple complexities, Mr. Shrestha was advised to stay in the hospital for a little lengthier period.

As his blood sugar level now is normal, his BP is 120/70, all his vitals are normal he has been discharged from the hospital on 23rd of March, 2016.