Late Bhuramal Chaudhary

Born at Ajitgarh Chudi in Shekhawati district of Rajasthan in 1870, Bhuramal Chaudhary had business in his blood. He came to Nepal when Bir Shumsher Jang Bahadur Rana was the prime minister of Nepal.

Nepal had been devastated by a massive earthquake at the time. There was an urgent need to rebuild the country and its economy. Bhuramal plunged into business headlong. He started his business from a rented shop at Kathmandu’s Juddha Sadak which is currently known as New Road. His shop quickly made a name for itself and Bhuramal was invited to the palaces. He used to carry goods there with the help of porters.

After sometime, his son Lunkarandas Chaudhary also joined the family business at the tender age of 12. Thus began the legacy of Bhurmal-Lunkarandas. In 1933, cloth business was formally launched under the umbrella of Bhuramal-Lunkarandas.

Bhuramal Chaudhary breathed his last at the age of 72 in Kathmandu in 1942. By then he had set up the foundation of a business which later became Nepal’s biggest business group with worldwide presence.